10 Ways To Be The Best Bridesmaid!


It's Wedding Day! The day you've all been waiting for. This is where all the months of work and planning come together for one amazing day.

As a bridesmaid,  you've been a part of the planning and partying process all along the way. Dress shopping,  bridal showers,  bachelorette party and more. But the wedding day is really the day where you can really shine as a bridesmaid!  Today's the day where it really counts.  Here are ten ways that you, the bridesmaid, can make the bride's day even more special!

1.  Remember, today is ALL about the bride. You are there to serve. :)  No complaining, about anything!  All the stresses and bickering that may have preceded this day are to be forgotten. This is a day the bride will remember forever.  We want her to have only great memories.

2.  Prior to the wedding day morning, you should have received a schedule of the day's events. What time are you all meeting for hair and makeup?  Where is everyone getting dressed and ready? Be there  and be on time with your dresses, accessories and shoes.

3.  Some brides flow through the day with not a worry. Other brides are anxious about every last detail.  If your bride is the latter, see what you can do to ease her nervousness. If the bride is working with a wedding event coordinator, check in with them with any questions the bride may have. If there is no wedding planner for the day, you may need to check in on the vendors for the bride. The bride should not have the added stress of dealing with florists or caterers.

4.  Feed the bride.  Seems obvious, but so many brides forget to eat during the wedding day. Although she may not feel hungry, it's important to get the bride to eat a little something for breakfast and throughout the day. When you add the champagne that is usually opened early in the day to start the party rolling, you need to keep some cheese and crackers around to soak it all up.

5. Speaking of food and drink, the reception is another time when brides overlook their own needs. They get so busy greeting guests, taking pictures and dancing, that some never enjoy the menu they've chosen.  Be a great bridesmaid and hand her an appetizer or glass of wine.

6. Learn to bustle the wedding gown train. If possible, a bridesmaid or two should attend the last gown fitting to learn how to hook up the bustle. The bustle is usually hooked up after pictures, before dinner/first dance.

7.   Almost every single bride that we've worked with has asked this question. "How do I go to the bathroom in this gown?" Well, dear bridesmaid, this is where you might have to help out. Depending on the style of the gown, huge ball gown skirts need to held up. A mermaid gown might even need to be stepped out of. If help is needed for this process, be there.  Offer your help. Some brides may feel awkward about asking for help.

8.  A wedding reception is a party.  And just like all parties, there will be guests that don't jump right into the festivities. If you see a guest that may not have a dance partner, ask them for a dance. Get everyone on the floor for group dances. Help to make the reception a fun event for everyone.

9.  While all bridesmaids deserve to have a great time at the reception (you've earned it), you might want to take it easy on the drinks. At least early on in the reception, you’ll want to be there for any wedding duties. After that, it's your call. ;)

10. After the happy couple bids adieu to their guests and drives off, there's still work to be done! Tie up the loose ends by gathering the gifts (including envelopes), guest book, left-over cake, engraved champagne flutes, and other important keepsakes. And if need be, schedule a time with the vendors to pick up and drop off any remaining rentals. If the bride hired a wedding planner, she may help organize this for the bride.

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