Your Bridal Gown Creating A Flawless Fit! (Part 2 of our 4 part alterations series)


Today's Part 2 gets down to the details of what it takes to create a flawlessly perfect fit. An impeccable fit can make even a simple gown look amazing. A poor fit can ruin an expensive, couture gown.

Part 1 of our Alterations series  focused on the immediate questions that arise when a bride is notified of her gown's arrival.

Some brides wonder why they will need alterations if the gown was ordered in their size.  After all,  the bridal salon took their measurements.  Shouldn't it fit?

Sorry,  but no. Unless that gown was custom made for you, in which case fittings would have been done along the way, gowns ordered are made from size charts. These charts vary from designer to designer. This is why you may wear a size 8 from one designer and a size 12 in another. You order your gown in the size that most closely matches your measurements. When the gown arrives, it will need to be customized to your body.

When you begin your fittings, remember, this is your gown and your wedding, Never be afraid or hesitant to state your vision, wishes or concerns. If you are someone who doesn't speak up, bring a trusted person who will be your spokesperson.

As we mentioned in Part 1, be prepared. Make sure you have your undergarments and shoes. Alterations are not guesswork or estimations. If you are ready, you're alterations professional can better do their job.

Your first fitting will be the most involved. Your bodice will be fitted and pinned. Hem will be measured. Any design changes should be addressed. This is the time to discuss your overall vision. If you want embellishment, lace, beading, neckline changes, your train shortened, anything you think can or cannot be done, speak up. Many things can be done. Some may not. But this is the time to bring it up.


Depending on your wedding date and the amount of alterations required, your next fitting will be scheduled accordingly. This is the fitting where your wedding gown looks like the gown you've imagined. Things are starting to pull together andthe bride's eyes light up. Now is the time to fine tune the fit. You want your gown to fit your curves and accent your assets. Check the hem length. Can you walk without tripping?

Any last changes or adjustments? Now is the time to bring it up.

The second fitting is also a great time to bring in your jewelry options, think about hairstyles and select your veil and/or headpiece, if you have not already done so. If your gown has a train, the bustle should also be pinned up.

Many times, 2 fittings are usually enough. Your need for a third fitting may depend on the amount of alterations required, weight loss/gain, etc. If possible, try to schedule your last fitting closer to your wedding date.  If there are any last minute adjustments that need to be made (again, due to weight loss/gain), you'll be able to catch them before you put your gown on on your wedding day!

Final step, schedule the day you'll be picking up your gown.  A full service salon will have your gown pressed and ready for you!

For more information or to schedule your wedding gown fitting/consultation, schedule your appointment here or call us directly at 831-626-7700.