Love Happens at Epiphany with Joelle

Writing these blog stories is my favorite part of the day. It feels like I am writing a romantic bridal book, feeling and living with my brides the joy of making memories, because you know what, you will always remember the day you say yes to your dress. 

This story I especially love because it goes back to another story!

Joelle came here for the first time last year looking for a bridesmaids dress for her sister’s wedding. We found a gorgeous style from Watters for her and her sister (I would so love to have two sisters!) We had so much fun trying the dresses, picking the right styles,  and later on, even more fun during the fittings. Back then she had the perfect bridesmaids dress and I told her “well, once you get engaged come back to find your gown here as well.” The power of words makes things happen! She called me few days ago and said she was getting married! The process of finding a gown is super fun but what makes it even better is that you are looking for your gown in a place that already feels like home, because, as they say, “been there, done that!” 

We had Joelle try many dresses but at the end her heart was still with the very first dress that she had found online and then tried at Epiphany. Every dress that she tried, she compared to the first one and even though I knew from the beginning that the first one was The Dress, I still made sure she tried all different styles before saying yes. It's important that you try all the styles; if you are sure you don't want a ball gown style, make sure you try one ball gown before saying no. It might look completely different on you, and you might fall in love with what you didn't expect. So I wanted Joelle to try all the styles, which she did and she still ended up with the first one.  And truly she looked like a Snow Queen in it, because the pattern of the dress reminds you of a giant snowflake! For a winter wedding out in the snow, that was the best dress you could possibly find!

Joelle with her amazing girls

Joelle with her amazing girls


I tell many of my brides that finding the dress is like finding your true love, the second you find it you know that’s it, just like the second you get proposed you know – that’s it!

No need to say that I am so excited to see her in the dress again once it arrives to the store! It’s really true, we do become a small Epiphany family during the whole find your dress/have it fitted process. These stories remind me that there is a reason why we do what we do, and when you do open your arms and welcome people in, they always tend to come back to you again! Thank you Joelle for coming back and I can’t wait to see you again!

From Epiphany with love,

Making the best memories,