Love Happens at Epiphany with Whole 30 ( week 3,4)

If you have been following my Whole 30 challenge the first two weeks (week 1 ) (week 2) here is the grandiose finale!

Honestly I feel like the hardest week in the Whole 30 is the week 3 because at this point your excitement for the cooking and sticking to the routine starts going down and you start planning all the things you will be eating on day 31.

Suddenly you get into this love-hate relationship with the program; you love how great your body feels in terms of being healthy, but you also hate that your life is in sort of a pause and you can’t wait to come out of it.  And then the day 31 comes but your body is so used to being healthy that the smallest food that’s not Whole 30 approved, makes you feel bad, and I mean really bad…

Whole 30 is over for me and I feel this great sense of freedom. After I was done it took me couple of days to summarize what I learnt from the program and now I am ready to share!

Eating breakfast

Breakfast is crucial; one hard- boiled egg can give you good energy for few hours, and your body will thank you for it.

Sleeping better

Eating healthy does change the way you sleep, especially if you have problems falling asleep easily. Now the second I put my head on the pillow, I am dead asleep.

Bye- bye bloated belly

Although it’s not a weight loss program, it does change your body, and most certainly frees you from a bloated stomach pain.

You need to eat- everything can wait

We all have crazy schedules, and sometimes it’s hard to find a minute to eat, and next thing you know it’s midnight and you are hungry. Always find couple of minutes for a food break

Read what you eat

Seriously you will be shocked to find out the kind of tricky things the food companies do. Always read what you buy, because, yes, nothing is more important than your health

The pleasure of saying no

It’s okay to learn to say no to something that you have been offered; you don’t need to eat what others think you should eat

Enjoy life but keep healthy

As much as now I have the freedom to eat whatever I want, I still keep healthy eating 3 times a day. Yes, I can treat myself to whatever I want, but it doesn’t have to be bad food three times a day. It’s all about finding the balance. And although I did have a huge nacho party for day 31, I now mostly eat healthy!

In a nutshell,

Thank you Whole 30 for 30 days of commitment, many new food ideas, learning to control my appetite and a lot more.  Now I know - nothing is impossible.

From Epiphany with Love, 


Day 31 - Whole 30 is over !!!

Day 31 - Whole 30 is over !!!