The Classic Red Cocktail Dress - Jessica in Faviana!


I’ll be honest, I was never a big fan of red dresses, or any bold-colored dresses for that matter. I tend to stray towards black, white, or nude colored clothing. This past Friday night, however, I was forced to step a little out of my comfort zone when I went to Alpha Phi’s Red Dress Gala.


As the name implies, it’s pretty obvious what color dress I’d be wearing to the event. Since I don’t usually strut around in a red dress, I wanted to make sure to pick a dress that I felt comfortable and confident in. I browsed through the pages of Faviana’s website and came across plenty of dresses that would fit the occasion, but one dress’s neckline really grabbed my attention.


The dress is Faviana style 7851, and as you can see from the photo’s its neckline really makes a statement! It was absolutely elegant, and showed the perfect amount of skin. But that’s not the only reason why I am now in love with this dress. The lace-up style in the back let’s you adjust the fit so that it ends up fitting just right! Likewise, the flowy bottom skirt let me move completely free throughout the night. 


I also MUST touch base on the color. Even at the gala, I saw so many different shades of red. Honestly, it seems pretty hard to find a dress that is a true shade of red, especially when shopping online. This dress, however, was in fact a true red, whether I was standing in direct sunlight, shade, inside or outside. 


Since it was one of the few times I’ve worn such an eye-catching color, I decided to pair the dress with more simple accessories. I wore the dress with some small, silver jewelry and a pair of nude heels. I also wore my favorite cream-colored faux fur jacket to and from the event, which is definitely needed when you’re outside at night in San Francisco!


After dancing around in my dress for a few hours, I started to realize how much fun it is to wear red. You can turn heads just by the color of your clothes! The intense color was so vibrant that I think it definitely had a different effect on my mood and the night as a whole than when I’ve gone out in all black. Now this isn’t to say that there isn’t a time and place for every color, but I think if you’re deciding between safe and bold, why not choose the latter!


If you’re hesitant about adding some more colorful clothing items to your closet like I was, just start out one piece at a time. Find items with a style, length or fit that you already know you’re in love with, and then try them in a new color! Who knows, you may end up finding out that you look great in a color that you never thought you’d wear. Things are always changing, that’s the fun of fashion!