Love happens at Epiphany - Sharon's Story

You know how in every love story there is a special moment, a special vibe in the heart that follows you and makes you smile every time you remember it? There is a cozy place in the heart of Carmel that carries special moments like that, and the one thing left to do after collecting those moments is to share it with others.

Yesterday a beautiful bride - to- be, Sharon, came into Epiphany Boutique with her fiancé looking for her dream dress.  She was looking for something simple but yet unique whereas the fiancé was looking for something more eye-catching, more princess like and more magical. Well what do we do? We turned the bridal store into a fashion show, it's a whole new level of "Say yes to the dress", trying on as many dresses as possible to find the happy medium of simplicity and fancy. She tried on the first dress and walked out for us to see. Remember when in movies the guy is doing something in his phone then a beautiful girl passes by (his love- to- be), he looks up without paying attention then looks into his phone again, then right away realizes what he just saw and looks back at her again fascinated by her, and in his eyes you read-this is the girl of the movie? Well that is exactly what happened to Sharon’s fiancé. He looked at her and didn’t say anything for a minute. Now, believe me when I say she looked breathtaking. It was the dream dress of the fiancé. She tried on another one, walked in front of the mirror and her eyes started shining brighter than a sun! She found her dream dress!!! So, what do you do if your fiancé loved one dress but you loved another one? They talked for a very long time, and then hugged for a while, then they decided that on the wedding day they would have both dresses!

It was without doubt the happiest day of their lives so far. They shared their special moment with me, I am sharing with you, because as we share moments we share love, as we share love, we share smiles!

From Epiphany with love,