My Senior Year Prom & Faviana Dress by Jessica DiLullo

When I first started college at UC Berkeley a little over a month ago, thoughts of high school would still occasionally run through my mind. I watched as everyone, including myself, went off to start the next chapter in their life all in different places.


Now as I try to remember the names of all the new faces I’ve met, attend at least some of my sorority events, and study for midterms, high school is the last thing on my mind. That isn’t to say that I forgot about high school, or all the amazing memories I made. But as I move further into this next chapter of my life, I’d like to take just one more look back on one of my most memorable nights of high school: My senior year prom and the gorgeous prom dress I wore.


I know that prom is often a big high school cliche, but believe it or not, it’s one of the nights I remember best. I woke up on a Saturday after having spent the night at a friend’s house, and immediately the festivities began. Two of my girlfriends and I went out for breakfast before I jetted over to Blush Makeup Studio in Monterey to get my hair and makeup done. I had gone to Blush before and loved it, so I didn’t have to worry about whether or not it would turn out great—I loved it!


Afterwards, I met back up with my friends, and by then it was already time for us to start putting on dresses. Now I must admit as a disclaimer, I’ve worn a lot of dresses in my life. My mother has worked in the fashion industry for years and is currently the owner of Epiphany Boutique, so let’s just say I had quite the selection when it came to choosing a dress. For my second and final prom, I chose to wear a dress from Faviana Style 7967

Friends since grade school


I’m a pretty picky person, so I was expecting a lot in my dress, and I can definitely say that my Faviana lived up to the challenge! I wanted to stray a little away from “the norm”, so I decided to go with a two-piece. The top had just enough detail and design to really stand out, but I liked that it didn’t go overboard with too much bling. The bottom piece was smooth, long, and honestly so comfortable! I don’t think there was a single point in the night where I complained about being uncomfortable (other than my feet hurting from the heels). Through sitting, standing, dancing, eating, or photo-taking, this Faviana dress continued to impress me.

My sister Erica at Prom together!


After taking pictures at two different locations, we headed to the venue in Santa Cruz. My date and I spent the night taking endless photos in photo booths, drinking way too much Sprite and eating way too many chocolate covered strawberries, exploring the old ballroom we were in, and dancing to music that now reminds me way too much of high school.

Found my perfect dress for Prom


I didn’t have any sort of expectations going into prom, because I had already heard too many horror stories about people being too stressed out or not happy with how the night turned out. My advice would be to control the things you can—go with someone you love to spend time with and wear something that makes you feel beautiful, but don’t get wrapped up in all the details of it. I had no idea what prom would be like, but I knew that no matter what, I’d remember it.