How to Choose Wedding Accessories


There are so many options with accessories for a wedding gown. There are the prettiest belts, hair pieces, head pieces, shoulder wraps, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The option to accessorize can get overwhelming. In this post, we assist you in how to choose wedding dress accessories. We provide key insight on creating a cohesive bridal look and encourage you to hone in on what matters: you!


Less is More

Remember that you are beautiful! Accessories should only be used to enhance your beauty, not steal the show. Your hair and makeup are already an accessory as well. Here are three accessory strategies that we recommend:

Choose One Focal Point

Do you have a wedding gown with a plunging neckline? Accentuate that neckline with a long dangling necklace. Is your focal point your waist? Use a beaded belt to draw the eye to your waist. Choose one focal point for your biggest accessories, and have the rest be minimal and complimentary.


Make It Cohesive


Don't mix metals! And, in addition, be sure to not mix brushed metals with polished metals. Remember that everything should look cohesive, so you want to stay within the same relative style.


Skip the Shoulder Wrap

Brides typically worry about being cold on their wedding day. Unless they are getting married in the snow, they typically don't notice the weather! If you decide to do a shawl or shoulder wrap, use it as an accessory, not a necessity.


That wraps up our post on how to choose wedding accessories! We would love to help you choose yours.

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