Your first bridal gown fitting - Are you ready? Part 1 of a 4 Part Alterations Series

Wedding gown alterations are a major part of creating a flawless appearance on your wedding day. Part 1 of our alteration series focuses on your gown's arrival and a bride's next step.

After ordering your bridal gown and waiting months,  you finally get the call you've been waiting for....YOUR BRIDAL GOWN HAS ARRIVED!

This is really one of our favorite calls to make to our brides.  They are always excited and can't wait to see their gown.

Immediately after the excitement,there are many questions. Because a wedding gown fitting probably is not something that most brides have experience with, we wanted to share some tips that will make the process a stress free one.

There are 3 top questions that we are asked once a bride is notified that her gown has arrived.

How soon should I start the alterations on my gown?

If time allows, your fittings should begin about 3 months before your wedding date. Speak with your seamstress to discuss your particular needs and schedule.  If your wedding is still many months away, you may want to try your dress on just to see how it is fitting right now and what alterations may be needed. Altering your gown too early is not a good idea.  Your weight may fuctuate, you may change your shoe style, etc.

What do I need to bring to my first fitting?

There are 2 items that are must haves: any undergarments (bra, body shaper or spanx), and the shoes that you'll be wearing with your gown. Many brides do not realize that when you change your bra, it will change the fit of your gown. Shoes must also be finalized. If you change your shoes after a hem is cut, it's almost impossible to lengthen a gown and it will cost you time and money to shorten it again. If you're not sure about your shoes, it's best to wait on the hem.

I am still trying to lose more weight. Can we start my fitting closer to my wedding date?

Let's be honest. Every bride wants to be in the best shape of her life on her wedding day. Both weight loss and toning/tightening up will require adjustments to your gown alteration schedule. But the reality is, alterations cannot be put off until the last second. The good news is that some of the necessary alterations can be done first. Things like the length/ hem, bustle and design changes such as neckline changes, additional beadwork, etc can be done first. Then, depending on your schedule and your seamstress, the actual fitting can be done closer to your wedding date.

We know you have more questions regarding alterations. Part 2 of our 4 part series will focus on "Creating A Flawless Fit".

Epiphany Boutique offers Expert Alterations Services for gowns that are not purchased at our boutique!   Please feel free to drop us a note or call us directly at 831-626-7700