How To Bustle A Wedding Dress!


Hello Epiphany Brides!

We’re continuing in our How To series, and today we’re focusing on How to Choose a Bustle. After the ceremony, the bride typically wants to move around more freely, so she’ll ask someone to help her bustle her gown. This means that the long train will attach to the dress so she has a greater range in motion and the train is no longer floor length.


The Truth about Bustles

Brides often think that wedding dresses are done in manufacturing, but bustles are typically customized in store. This means you can customize how you want to bustle your dress, and it’s important for someone you know to know how to help you on your wedding day!

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Main Bustles

There are so many bustles that exist, but they can be broken down into two main categories. An American bustle is a bustle that takes the wedding train and pins it over the top of the dress. A French bustle is one that takes the wedding train and pins it underneath the dress. There are a lot of variations and everything Epiphany does is customized, but it’s important to note that the bustle affects the look of the dress!

In the same way there are various ways to bustle the wedding gown, there are also many ways to attach the bustle. People can use ribbons where you tie them together or bustle buttons with loops.


Epiphany Bustles

Epiphany Boutique uses bustles that are attached through hook and eyes. We find that they are the easiest way for customers, bridal party, moms, and other to see and figure out how to do it. The goal is to make the bustles easy! People can get so nervous the day of the wedding, but we make bustles for simplicity.


Epiphany Tip

If possible, bring someone with you to your last fitting that will be with you on the day of your wedding. We’ll show them how to bustle the gown.

The biggest tip we can offer is to also videotape the bustle!

That way, regardless of who is present, someone can watch the video and know how to help.


In Summary

The bustle is an important part of the dress! Your stylist can help you decide which bustle would look best for your gown. Remember that simplicity is key!

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