How to Choose a Wedding Veil


We hope you’ve enjoyed July’s Wedding Shopping Myths that we’ve posted on the blog! Today we’ll begin a new series of How To Guides. Today’s series begins with How to Choose a Wedding Veil.


Veil History

Queen Victoria married in a satin white dress with a bridal veil in 1897, which forever changed the concept of wedding attire: a wedding look includes a veil. The origins of a veil were for modesty and to hide the bride from evil spirits, but Queen Victoria modernized the veil and now we all follow suit. After all, what other occasion in life can we wear a veil?


Veil Lengths

There are so many different veils and styles, but today we’ll be focusing on veils based on their length. There are four basic popular lengths:

  • Fingertip (32”)

  • Floor (72”)

  • Chapel (90”)

  • Cathedral (108”)

We recognize that there are also elbow length and birdcage veils, but our brides lean towards more sophisticated looks.

It’s so important to try on a veil while you’re trying on your wedding dress. Most of our brides end up choosing a veil even if they didn’t think they wanted one. Keep in mind that veils can also be used for veil shots, which can make incredible photos! Once you know what dress you want, you can try on varying lengths to see what you like the best.


Veil Colors

  • White

  • Diamond White

  • Ivory

  • Blush


The Epiphany Veil

I truly think that the extended fingertip veil looks good on everybody. It accentuates any dress and frames the body well without being overwhelming. It’s so sophisticated!


Custom Veils

Epiphany loves creating custom veils! We customize the color, length, details. We have more and more requests for beaded trims and ornate finishes that require special equipment.


How to Wear a Veil with Your Wedding Hairstyle

There are a couple different ways to incorporate a veil into your wedding hair. For a traditional look, wear your veil higher and fuller. When people see you, the veil frames your face and crowns you. For extra fullness, some even wear the blusher - the piece that goes over your face- but those are not as popular as they used to be.

If you want to wear a veil but don’t want it to be the main focal point, where it lower and tucked into the back of your hair. The veil will hang and trail behind you as a soft accessory.

As always, Epiphany Boutique is here to create your custom veil! Make an appointment with us today.

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