How To Choose Your Wedding Gown Neckline

Today we’re continuing our How To series, and today we are focusing on is how to choose your wedding gown neckline. One thing brides often do not consider are the importance of necklines on their wedding dress. Consider when the photographer is taking pictures of you on your wedding day: most of the images will be of you from the waist up. In other words, your neckline is a very important part of your wedding day images as it is a focal point for most of your pictures! Here are some variations on necklines and how to choose between them.


Strapless dresses are making a comeback in style! One thing to consider about strapless dresses is that if it isn’t altered correctly, you won’t feel secure in it on your wedding day. Alterations are a must for strapless dresses so that you feel like the best version of you. It can be cut straight across or in as a sweetheart; choose this cut if you want to highlight your bust, jewelry, or collarbones!


There are many different kinds of v-neck necklines. Some come with wide or narrow shoulder straps, some are a modest v or plunging v, but this neckline works on almost everyone! It’s incredibly flattering for your bust!


A Sabrina neckline is one that is straight across the collar bone. It’s considered a modest neckline, which is perfect for religious ceremonies and church restrictions. For someone who wants a more vintage style, this is definitely one for you.

Off the Shoulder

Off the shoulder is a wide neckline the leaves your collar bones and shoulders exposed. This looks best on almost everyone, and it is going to be a popular style in 2020! For someone that wants a style that is tailored and different, this is for you.


Halter necklines are so beautiful and underestimated. They flatter the shoulders and eliminate the need for jewelry. Most people do not consider a halter neckline a wedding gown look, but there are incredible gowns available now for those that want to try this out. Perfect for the bride that wants a V neck and also wants the back exposed.

Epiphany Tip

The number one Epiphany tip for how to choose your wedding gown neckline is to focus on alterations. If you want the neckline higher or deeper, speak to your alteration specialist about it! There are so many variations your alteration specialist can do. What matters most is that you feel like your best self in your gown and secure in its fit.


In summary, do not overlook the importance of the wedding gown neckline! Be sure to speak with your alterations specialist about different options and how to make it the most flattering part of your gown.

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