Wedding Shopping Myth: Bring Everyone With You


Wedding Shopping Myths

We’re starting off a new series in July covering common wedding shopping myths, and today we’re focusing on something we’ve seen a million times in our shop: Brides think that bridal gown shopping should include as many women in possible. They need to include their best friend, their other best friend, the distant cousin that would feel left out if she wasn’t invited, their sister, their mom & future mother-in-law, all potential bridesmaids, cousins, every female on their wedding invite list, well, you get the idea. In reality, a couple of key women from your life creates the best bridal gown shopping experience!

Pop Culture, Social Media, and shows like Say Yes to the Dress show gives brides the impression that bridal dress shopping is an adventure. Everyone’s experience is supposed to resemble the TV show in some way. Brides are supposed to depend on their best friend or mother’s advice; that’s part of the experience, right?

But what if it doesn’t have to be that way at all? 

Why You Should Only Bring Two or Three

Here are three key reasons why we believe the best bridal shopping experience should only include one to three key people in your life:

It’s overwhelming

You walk into the bridal shop and, moments after you are greeted by the stylist, your friend holds a dress up and says, “try this on!”. Another friend holds a different dress up and says, “I want to see this one on you!” Suddenly, you have ten dresses in your room, half of which are not your taste, and you are putting on a fashion show for family and friends. Instead of being a dedicated and focused experience for the bride, it’s diminished to providing entertainment for your audience. Feeling this pressure can get so overwhelming!

Other’s opinions are influenced by their personal taste

Let’s be honest: not everyone that joins you has your best interest at heart. Some will see you in a dress and think to themselves, “I would never wear that,” instead of asking, “how does it make you feel?” It’s so critical to have people with you that truly know that this experience is about choosing the most important dress of your life. 

Alternatively, you may hear five or ten other opinions before processing your own opinion about the dress. Everyone is looking at you saying what they think before you are able to look in the mirror. What you think and how you feel in a dress is the most important factor!

Dresses will all begin to look the same

Technically this is another topic we’ll dive deeper into, but the more dresses you try on, the more they will all look the same. You’ll see the votes of your family and friends, and then get coerced into getting a dress that they think you look best in instead of the dress you feel best in. The more dresses you try on is tiring for the bride, frustrating for the stylist, and leaves the bride more confused than focused on your dress. 

In Summary

So ladies, choose just a couple people from your life to bring with you to bridal dress shop.

Choose women who are willing to ask you the key questions: how does this dress make you feel? What do you think? Can you picture yourself wearing this down the aisle?

And, we promise: the best appointments we’ve seen are 2-4 people all willing to support the bride.


Photographer: Carol Oliva Photography

Hair & Makeup MUAH

Dresses: Epiphany Boutique

Venue: Gardener Ranch