Wedding Shopping Myth: I Need to Lose Weight Before Ordering My Dress

Images by  De Joy Photography

This is our third post on wedding shopping myths (missed the first two? See here and here!). Today we are talking about the wedding shopping myth of the bride that exclaims, “I want to lose weight before I order my dress! What should I do?” We hear this all of the time at Epiphany Boutique. The truth is that any dress can be altered to fit you as you get closer to your wedding date; it can be resized and tailored to fit your body.

If brides had their way, they’d want us to alter the dress the day before their wedding so it fits perfectly. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible! When you order a dress, designers typically require 5-7 months to ship the dress because it has to be made for you. Dresses do not simply sit in a warehouse; the order goes in, it goes into production, and they fulfill the order with our measurements, color, and length.

The Reality

The truth is that your fiance fell in love with you as you are.

He didn’t fall in love with you for the woman you want to look like, but the woman you are today! It’s so important to remember this because it helps reshape the “I need” mentality to “I want”. What is most important on your wedding day is that you feel like the best version of yourself!


Your wedding should be stress-free!

Brides live in fear of everything. They are scared they’ll offend their cousin if they’re not invited, they’re scared rain will pour, they’re scared that they won’t find the dream dress they’re looking for. We see this all of the time! I would recommend for brides to take the pressure out of it. Don’t feel like you have to transform into a different woman or put on a production for your wedding. You are celebrating your love!


If the dress looks good on you now, it’s going to look extraordinary on you when it comes in.

Let’s take your measurements. If you’re between measurements, we’ll order a size down. If you’re good with that, that can be your incentive. But the last thing I’d want to do is put you in a position where you have to be forced to lose 30 lb to fit in a dress!


You don’t need to lose weight for your wedding day. You are beautiful as you are. You are loved as you are. And thinking that you need to be anything other than your beautiful self is unnecessary pressure.