Wedding Shopping Myth: Need To Try On 100 Dresses

Image by  AGS Photo Art

Image by AGS Photo Art

This is our last post in the series, Wedding Shopping Myths, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed them so far! Today’s myth that we are focusing on is the bride who thinks she needs to try on 100 or more dresses before making a decision. The truth is that you should only try on different silhouettes, then narrow down the style. This could be less than 20 dresses total!

We recently had a bride come into the store and she began to cry when she tried on a dress. She looked radiant. The dress hugged her body, flattered her bust, and she was so touched at how she looked because it really felt like “the one”. But since it was one of the first ones she tried on, she thought she may be missing out on others. So she slowly put the dress back on the rack and said she’d return. We see this all the time and am baffled by the mentality that brides need to try on two hundred dresses before making a decision!

Words of advice

  • Trying on too many dresses becomes a blur. You lose focus about what you loved about the first few dresses because you’re on the 75th dress and 10th store. You don’t remember how special the first dress was. 

  • Let’s say you find the dress you love and you’re crying in it, but you have more appointments. When you go to those other appointments, they might be a harder sell and convince you to buy something you didn’t really want. And they make you lose the magic of your experience.

  • Don’t make trying on dresses the entertainment for the day. You’ll lose track of what you wanted and what you loved. Instead, if you find the dress, bring in the champagne and have a longer lunch with friends and family!

Bridal Dress Shopping Strategy

So if you don’t try on 200 dresses, then how do you find the one? We recommend this bridal dress shopping strategy:

  1. Try on various silhouettes. Remember that your stylist is an expert. You can ask them, “What dresses flatter my figure?” or, “Here were some dress types I had in mind. Can I try on the silhouette and a couple others?” Stylists will be more than happy to give you silhouettes that you are looking for and some that you may not expect. It’s important to be open to seeing what words on your body!

Sometimes the magic happens when you least expect it.

2. Once you choose a silhouette you like, try on a couple different designs. If you wanted a ballgown silhouette, for example, you can try on an Organza ballgown that makes you feel light as a feather. Or a satin gown, which makes you feel royal.

3. Once you choose a design, remember that you can make further design changes to it! You can add straps, shoulder treatments, or sleeves to any strapless gown. Ask your stylist what more they can do with the dress. You can design it to be however you’d like it to be!


It is exhausting to try on wedding dresses, and you do not need to try on 200 dresses to find the one. We recommend a bridal dress shopping strategy to narrow down the gown!