5 Things To Do Once You Found Your Wedding Dress!


Congratulations! You found the perfect gown. A big check off the wedding to do list. Time to relax? Maybe for a moment - then it's time to continue the planning.

What to do next?  Here are our top 5 suggestions.

1. Pick your bridesmaid's dresses. The style of the bridesmaid dresses should complement your gown,  but not duplicate it. Also consider formality, color scheme and what looks good on your attendants. There's lots more on this topic,  but that's for another day.

2.  Shop for your bridal shoes.   There are so many beautiful styles and colors out there! Comfort is very important as well.  So start early, because it really make take longer than you think to find the perfect pair. You’ll need your shoes for your first wedding gown fitting, so start shopping early!

3.  Pick out your veil and/or headpiece. Some brides select their veil and headpiece at the same time they find their bridal gown.  It's ok to wait a while and think about how you'll be wearing your hair and what your overall vision is.  We find that it can be a bit overwhelming for a bride to make the veil/headpiece decision at the time of your gown purchase.

4. Jewelry and Accessories.  The jewelry and accessories that you choose to wear with your bridal gown can make or break a look.  A good option is to bring several choices to your gown fittings when they begin and choose then.  Don't lock yourself into a particular necklace or earrings.  You really won't know what works until you see it on with your gown.

5. Help Mom shop for her gown.  Some mothers of bride or groom are lucky and quickly find the perfect dress.  The reality is that most moms have  a hard time choosing their ensembles. So many factors play into it. Is it the right color/style?  Is it appropriate for the wedding/venue?  Do I look good in it?  It really helps if the bride can take a day and go out with the moms. They will appreciate your input.

Brides, we know that your to do list is way longer than this!  One thing at a time. :)

And if you are looking for your bridal accessories, mother of the wedding dresses, or alterations, we’ve got you covered! Give us a call at 831-626-7700 or drop us a note here. We are here to make your wedding planning as easy as possible.

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