Epiphany Boutique is all about service!

All gowns and dresses purchased at Epiphany come with exclusive alteration packages! We want you to feel confident wearing your new gown or dress and we know how important proper fit is. 

Bridal gowns offer 3 packages of alteration/accessories/service options.  Choose the one that works best for you and your wedding needs. Each package offers incredible savings. Please contact us directly for more information.

We know that once a bride has selected her dream dress,  that’s when the service really begins. We fit and tailor your gown to absolute perfection. Whether that takes one fitting or several,  we work with each bride until she is completely enthralled with her gown.

Once the fittings are complete, we steam and press each gown – ready for your wedding!

Our  alterations are not just for brides. Mother of the wedding, bridesmaids and all our dresses offer custom alterations.

Timing of alterations and fittings are personalized for you, the bride. We work with your schedule and wedding date.

Would you like more information about our custom alterations? Please give us a call at 831-626-7700 or send us your question!

Didn’t get your dress at Epiphany?

We do alterations for all gowns, not just ones we sell. Check out our ‘Personal Alteration’ page for more information!

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